Custom Artificial Living Walls

Custom Artificial Living Wall

Custom Create Your Very Own Artificial Living Wall

Looking to improve the design and functionality of your commercial or residential space by adding artificial living walls? If so, you have made a great decision. Unlike real living plants, artificial greenery is a low-maintenance option and easy to install. These features make them a great and viable alternative. They do not require any specific condition for installation or a cultivated environment to ensure their survival. More importantly, they will not attract any unwanted pest or animal that can be damaging to your interior. 

At Unreal Designs, Inc., you get to design your own artificial living wall. Choose from a mix of artificial greenery, geometric designs, and other features that add fluidity. Our sturdy backing panel will secure your custom artificial living wall as it brightens up your space.

We begin with your dimensions and weld a backing panel to fit your space. From there, we work with you to create a custom design for your wall using a mix of the artificial greenery of your choosing. Visit our blog for the difference in fluid and geometric designs. 

Would you like to add a border or frame around your Custom Artificial Living Wall? No problem, we proudly offer stained wood, aluminum, and more framing options. Just ask!

Once the design is perfected, we will attach the greenery to the panels and get everything installation ready. We do offer installation, or you are welcome to install yourself. We can ship nationwide or you can pick up from our San Diego location.

Give us a call at (760) 877-8735 or send us an email at today to get a free estimate and get started on your own Custom Artificial Living Wall today!

See past custom artificial living wall projects below:  



When you're ready to customize your own Artificial Living Wall, give us a call at (760) 877-8735 or send us an email at today to get a free estimate and get started on your own Custom Artificial Living Wall today!

Key Artificial Living Wall Features

  • Strong and Durable 
  • When you purchase products from Unreal Designs, you can be assured that our artificial greenery is strong and durable. After welding a backing panel, they cannot be ripped or picked away from the frame easily. Having been built to last, these panels can be used both indoor or outdoor, making them a versatile choice for many clients. Furthermore, our artificial plants have been designed and developed to replicate the real thing, mimicking the natural appearance and growth of real plants. 

  • Fully Customizable to Suit Your Needs 
  • Looking for a fully green wall, or wish to add some bright hues, branding accessories, and other types of flora to the mix as well? You are welcome to customize an artificial living wall to suit the theme of your space and your personal preferences. Our range of products we offer are highly versatile and durable, and can be tailored to suit the vision you have in mind. We offer a variety of borders, frames, including stained wood, aluminum, and more.

    Additionally, most of them can be used as a structure in itself or can be used to accessorize any existing walls or structures. At Unreal Designs, Inc., our friendly team is here to help you make the best informed decisions!

  • UV Rated and Weather Resistant 
  • As we understand that many of our customers wish to install artificial living walls in outdoor areas, our products are UV rated and weather-resistant to suit a range of different environments. This means you won’t have to worry about your artificial greenery fading prematurely due to it being bleached by the sun or having it fall apart during a heavy rain.

  • Instant Transformation
  • Regardless of the specific reasons you have in mind for getting custom artificial living walls installed, by utilizing our artificial living walls, you can be sure that the project will be completed quickly and efficiently. Unlike real plants which require time to grow to your desired look, artificial greenery will be ready to start serving the purpose you need it to immediately, whether that’s providing an ushering guide, a privacy wall, or a noise-control barrier, while beautifying the space.

    How do we do it?

    How is pricing determined? 

    For Custom Artificial Living Walls, we price per square foot. Framing is an additional fee. The installation fee depends on the type of wall we're installing onto, ease of access to the job site, and location. 

    What is the process like? 

    First, we like to see the space you'd like to add the wall, whether that's via a photo or in person. We will ask what your current wall or structure is made of, or if we would need to construct a structure. We'll gather dimensions and be able to put together an estimate. Once the estimate is approved and a deposit is made, it's time to begin: 
    Next, it's time to choose your artificial greenery. We have a variety of options to choose from. You can find those by clicking here. Once you've chosen a four - five of your favorites, we start to work on the design. If you have a design concept or idea in mind, we'll do our best to make it happen. If you're unsure, we will likely do a few mock-ups, see what you like/don't like about the designs, and go from there. 
    Now, it's time to build your wall. We do our best to get as much of the project prepped and ready at our shop so that installation can be as seamless and painless as possible. Some projects require a lot of on site work, while others may only need touch ups. Either way, quality and a product you are happy with is our primary goal. 
    In the end, once production is complete, we confer with our clients to set an installation time that works best for them and their schedule. Our team is professional, safe, and courteous on site and we do our best to ensure our client is truly happy with our installation and final product. Or, if you're self-installing, we will schedule shipping and help answer any install questions you may have.


    Browse Our Online Shop at Unreal Designs for Top-Quality Artificial Greenery

    When you are looking for artificial greenery you can use to construct a living wall, come to Unreal Designs, Inc. Here, you can find a wide range of products such as this artificial boxwood hedge mat and our Bora Bora Flora mat you can choose from to create the living walls of your dreams. All our products are made of high-quality materials and are suitable for installation both indoors and outdoors. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that our artificial living wall specialists will attach the greenery to the panels and get everything set up to your requirements.

    If you require any assistance in making your decision, just ask! Our dedicated team is always happy to make recommendations and provide you with their advice on which products will best suit your needs. For more information and any query, please feel free to contact us today!