Take a look back at some previously crafted projects and how they came to life. Get inspired and unlock your own creativity to bring your vision to life with Unreal Designs, Inc.


Taking Back the Backyard

When the live greenery next door was removed due to new construction, our clients needed to look elsewhere to create privacy within their backyard space. We were able to use a hedge extension sitting atop their existing wall to create an additional 2.5' of privacy and completely transform the feel of their backyard space. 



Added Security and Protection for School

Wanting to keep their students safe from unwanted eyes, St. John Eudes Catholic Church reached out to see how we may be able to help. With only iron gates and fencing, the students on recess were spied upon. Using our Ficus Mat Paneling, we were able to instantly hide the kids from prying eyes. The leaves popped through the iron fencing and protected the students while looking natural to passersby.



Hidden in Plain Sight

Wanting to hide the unsightly equipment in the back of the yard, but still preserve access when needed, our clients we're looking for something beautiful and functional. Setting posts in concrete and creating panels and a hidden gate, we were able to bring their vision to life. We used our Paradise Mat to blend in with the existing greenery in the yard and hide this gate in plain sight.




From Boring Wood to Beautiful Boxwood

Looking to cover up a drab wood fence, our client elevated the look of the entire backyard with the addition of Dark Green Boxwood. Blending nicely with the lively fruit trees just in front of the fence, the boxwood truly took this took this wood fence from boring to beautiful in an instant. Take a look at the transformation: 

Custom Artificial Hedge and Gate Combination

Our client was looking to section off a part of her property for her dogs to be able to roam when she was home, but could also lock up when she wasn’t. We had already installed Dark Green Boxwood Paneling along the fence line to this area and what better way to continue the seamless look than with an Artificial Hedge Gate? Anchoring to the existing concrete wall, we aligned our artificial hedges off the corner of the final boxwood panel. The first hedge held the swinging gate and a secured post for anchoring. We included spring loaded hinges on the gate so the gate would always close back up once opened. See how we installed this piece: 

Geometric vs. Fluid Artificial Living Walls

Using a variety of our artificial greenery options, we create Artificial Living Walls that appear to be lively, and growing right from your wall. The patterns can be fluid or geometric in nature, giving you the choice to create the look you’ve always wanted. Artificial Living Walls give you all the vibrance and color of a real living wall, with none of the hassle and all of the rewards. 

Artificial Living Walls

Hedge Wall Paneling & Extension: 

Hedge extensions simultaneously create instant privacy and an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere with vibrant greenery bringing your space to life like never before. To increase stability and improve the look of the bland cinder block, we extended this hedge wall down to the ground.

Hedge Wall Extension

Fluid Design Artificial Living Wall:

We work with clients to customize their own Artificial Living Wall. Using a variety of our greenery options, we build your wall to your chosen specs and unique design. These amazing walls instantly add life and color to any space. 
Custom Artificial Living Wall

Hedge Extension: 

Looking to create a little extra privacy atop your existing wall? Look no further than a hedge extension. We build a frame to sit atop your existing wall, then drill it down for attachment. Take a look at how quickly the hedge extension changes the level of privacy on this wall: 

Artificial Green Wall: 

What can you do with an existing wall? In an instant, our Bahama Mama Mat makes the ordinary white wall pop, bringing color and life to the space like never before. Take a look: 

Before & After:

In Del Mar, California, we used our Dark Green Artificial Boxwood to transform this backyard from cool and cold to vibrant and lively. We attached the artificial greenery directly to the existing cinder block walls, instantly livening up this incredible backyard space. Take a look at the Before & After: