What is an Artificial Living Wall?

Artificial Living
At Unreal Designs, Inc., Artificial Living Walls are one of our most popular requests. It may sound like an oxymoron, but these walls are so much more than a play on words. Using a variety of our artificial greenery options, we create Artificial Living Walls that appear to be lively, and growing right from your wall. The patterns can be fluid or geometric in nature, giving you the choice to create the look you’ve always wanted. Artificial Living Walls give you all the vibrance and color of a real living wall, with none of the hassle and all of the rewards. 

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We work with clients to custom design and build their dream Artificial Living Wall. Fluid Design Artificial Living Walls are designed to make the greenery appear to be growing or crawling up your wall, much like a real living wall would appear. We mix and combine the greenery options of your choosing to bring your wall to life. Fluid Design is certainly the most popular design choice at the moment.
Artificial Living Wall Designs
On the other hand, Geometric Artificial Living Walls have a much more modern, clean cut look to them and are on the rise. With the geometric design, we use a variety of artificial greenery, but the division between the greenery is actually a sharper, straight line. We can even leave measured space between the greenery to make it stand out more. Geometric Design Artificial Living Walls are the perfect addition to any wall you’d like to add life to, while simultaneously keeping your space futuristic.  
Geometric Artificial Living Wall
Artificial greenery is the best of both worlds. Our products are UV rated, weather resistant, and maintenance free, allowing you to essentially “set it and forget it” with your purchase or install. In addition, all the color, life, and vibrance you’d want from real greenery, comes with artificial greenery. With an Artificial Living Wall, you can create a fun backdrop or divider that appears alive and will actually stay that way, no maintenance required. 
Fluid Design Artificial Living Wall
Special design ad-ons are also available for our Artificial Living Walls, Fluid or Geometric. We’re happy to add a frame to any wall or divide the geometric walls with additional materials (such as stained wood). To discuss how we can help liven your space at your home or business with a custom design Artificial Living Wall, call Juliann Johnson at (760) 877- 8735 today. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email at unrealdesignsinc @ gmail.com and we would be happy to help.