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Do you own a hospitality establishment? If so, you may be looking to renovate or remodel it to create a welcoming, relaxing atmosphere for guests and customers. There are many different ways this can be achieved. If you are based in a region that sees good weather, you may also wish to enhance outdoor seating areas with artificial greenery.


About Hospitality Establishments

Hospitality establishments include hotels, resorts, venues that serve food and drinks, and more. Many hotels and resorts have restaurants and bars attached to them, offering guests a convenient option for getting their daily meals and unwinding at the end of the day. To create the right ambiance and promote a sense of relaxation, you may be considering adding some artificial greenery to your establishment. 

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Artificial Greenery for Hospitality Establishments

The right type of décor for your establishment can depend on the theme you have going on as well as where you are located. Whether your hotel is in an urban location or your resort is on the beach, incorporating some artificial greenery can transport your guests to a whole new world. 

Artificial Living Walls for Hospitality Establishments

Artificial living walls are a great way of introducing some greenery into a hospitality establishment. As they do not require maintenance like real plants, they are an increasingly popular choice amongst hospitality managers for their convenience and long-lasting qualities. 

Partition and Privacy Panels for Hospitality Establishments
Partition and Privacy Panels for Hospitality Establishments

You will want to ensure that your guests are able to get the level of privacy they require while staying at your establishment. This can be achieved by installing partitions and privacy panels around yards, windows, and doors if necessary. Artificial greenery is perfect here as it provides privacy while enhacing the atmosphere of a space. 

Services We Provide for Hospitality Establishments

Installation & Landscaping
Installation & Landscaping
Touch Up
Touch Up

Outdoor/Indoor Decor for Hospitality Establishments

Both your indoor and outdoor grounds should promote a sense of calm in your guests. After all, they have come for a good night’s rest and to unwind. You can turn to Unreal Designs for the outdoor/indoor décor you require. Our products are weather-resistant and suitable for all environments.

Why Should Hospitality Establishments Work with Unreal Designs, Inc.?

Unreal Designs is based in Southern California and can provide hospitality establishments with consultations, designs, and installations. We serve a wide range of clients across various industries and our dedicated team is always pleased to provide you with the recommendations you require. When you engage our services, the possibilities are truly endless.

If you are interested to learn more about our artificial greenery for hospitality establishments, please feel free to contact us today.