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Commercial Builders

Are you a commercial builder who works with a variety of clients to design and construct the space of their dreams? If so, you will need a versatile selection of different artificial greeneries to adorn your clients’ commercial spaces. Whether you’re building offices or outdoor pavilions, there shouldn’t be a limit to the type of projects you may be asked to take on. With Unreal Design, Inc., you get access to high-quality artificial greenery that seamlessly elevates the aesthetic appeal of any property you’re working on!

About Commercial Builders

As a business that builds, renovates, and remodels all types of commercial buildings, you may be responsible for indoor office spaces, retail spaces, outdoor patios, factories, warehouses, and more. From sourcing the right materials to obtaining the necessary permits and putting a design down on paper, commercial builders will need to take charge of every aspect of the building or remodeling process. 

In some cases, customers may also specificially request for artificial greenery to add to their property for privacy, security, and decor. Thanks to Unreal Designs, Inc., you will be able to meet their request as we supply artificial living walls and hedges that can be fully customized to suit the aesthetic and decor of their property. Additionally, this would position you as a versatile contractor that they can rely on for their future partnerships. 

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Artificial Greenery for Commercial Builders

Artificial greenery can serve many purposes within a commercial space. For some businesses, they act as a privacy barrier that can prevent passersby and onlookers from looking in, which can cause some of their customers to feel uncomfortable or anxious. For most businesses, they are usually used to add a pop of color and life to a space that can feel too impersonal and cold. Most importantly, they are usually low-maintenance and unlike real plants, they are stoic to the ever-changing nature of the seasons and will not attract unwanted pests, bugs and animals. Commercial builders should integrate artificial greenery from Unreal Designs, Inc. as part of their construction services to expand their range of customers. 

Artificial Living Walls for Commercial Builders

Real living walls will require a high amount of upkeep and maintenance. Most of the time, they will require professional gardeners and landscapers that are skilled to prevent them from wilting and to keep them looking prim and proper. As a result, this could incur high monthly maintenance costs that can be impractical for many clients. Therefore, commercial builders should look into providing artificial living walls from Unreal Designs, Inc. as part of their construction services as an alternative to authentic living walls. 

Partition and Privacy Panels for Business Owners
Partition and Privacy Panels for Commercial Builders

Instead of building blank, concrete walls that can make a business space feel cold and unwelcoming, commercial builders can consider substituting them with lush and dense artificial hedges from Unreal Designs, Inc. In addition to being fully customizable, our artificial greeneries are UV-rated and weather-resistant, meaning they are highly durable and will be able to withstand any element through rain or shine.

Services We Provide for Commercial Builders

Installation & Landscaping
Installation & Landscaping
Touch Up
Touch Up

Outdoor/Indoor Decor for Commercial Builders

Whether your client requires outdoor or indoor décor to spruce up the area for employees or paying guests, we have got the products you need to transform that vision into reality.

Why Should Commercial Builders Work with Unreal Designs, Inc.?

As a commercial builder looking for a supplier, consider working with Unreal Designs today. You can choose from a wide range of artificial greenery options in our online shop, and you can be assured that our hedges will not warp, rot or fade for years to come. We are happy to offer design, installation, and rental services to businesses in the Southern Californian area and beyond. Our small but dedicated team is committed to bringing you the best products and services when you work with us.

With the Metropolitan Water District of Southern California mandating a 30% decrease in water consumption for all businesses, it is imperative that businesses look into drought-resistant alternatives. Since our artificial greenery products are drought-resistant, you will be able to help your business clients in effectively meeting these restrictions with their water-efficient venues and workplaces.

If you are interested to learn more about our artificial greenery for commercial builders, please feel free to contact us today.