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Event Rental: Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Elevate Your Next Event

We offer delivery, set up, and pick up throughout the Southern California area. Commonly used as backdrops and privacy dividers, Artificial Boxwood Hedges can easily be used to elevate your next event.

For all Events:

The perfect addition for events ranging from baby showers, to corporate retreats, to music festival mazes, the possibilities are endless for Artificial Boxwood Hedges. Built and maintained by our team, you're sure to get the high quality hedges you've come to expect from Unreal Designs, Inc. 

Let your creativity soar when using Artificial Boxwood Hedges for your next event. Whether they're used to create exclusivity, dissect your event space, or serve as a backdrop, there's no wrong way to use our Artificial Boxwood Rental Hedges.

Lively Backdrops

Add signage, lights, flowers, and more to our hedges to bring your backdrops to life. Artificial Boxwood Hedges help craft professional, fun backdrops for your next event.

Champagne & Wine Racks

The Racks

Each rack is made of wood and hand-stained. They hold 10 glasses each and can easily be added to/removed from our Artificial Boxwood Rental Hedges. We recommend four racks per hedge for optimal spacing and steadiness.

Perfect for Your Next Event

These elegantly stained racks are the perfect way to welcome guests to your event, wedding, or reception. Set the scene ahead by greeting guests with a glass of champagne and a seating assignment.

The Specs:


We have two sizes available: 8' high x 4' long x 15" deep and mini 3.5' high x 4' long x 15" deep. Each hedge includes a 12" tall dark gray, composite wood base. Hedges are freestanding, but require additional weights for outdoor, windy areas.


We service the Southern California area with our Artificial Boxwood Hedges and Rental Backdrops. Please fill out the form below and contact us today to make a reservation for your next event and/or inquire about pricing.

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Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Elevate Your Next Event