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Event Planners

Event planners who are in charge of getting a space ready for weddings, birthday parties, retreats, corporate events, and trade shows will need to obtain the highest-quality materials for these engagements. To ensure your clients’ events can go off without a hitch and be a memorable day for all attendees, turn to Unreal Designs for the artificial greenery, hedges, and living walls you need.

About Event Planners

Event planners are responsible for every aspect of ensuring the day runs smoothly. This includes determining the layout of the space, engaging third-party services such as caterers and entertainers, and handling all forms of communications with the various parties. They have to work on the logistics of the event and have excellent listening skills to understand their client’s goals, budget, and timeline. Regardless of where the event is taking place, you may decide to incorporate some artificial greenery into the décor. 

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Artificial Greenery for Event Planners

Artificial greenery is a great choice due to its low-maintenance and ability to be installed instantly. Turn to Unreal Designs when you require artificial greenery to add some color and spruce up the premises where your client’s event is taking place. This is an efficient option especially if your clients love greenery or the event itself is greenery-themed such as an environmental awareness ceremony.

Services We Provide for Event Planners

event aesthetics
Event Aesthetics
VIP Areas
Stage fronts
event aesthetics

Outdoor/Indoor Decor for Event Planners

Regardless of where the event is taking place, our artificial greenery options are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use as they are weather-resistant and will not warp, fade or rot. Our products are the best because of their quality and durability.

Why Should Event Planners Work with Unreal Designs, Inc.?

When you choose to work with us at Unreal Designs, the possibilities are truly endless. All our solutions are fully customizable to suit your clients’ needs and the type of event they are hosting, and our dedicated team is always happy to make recommendations should you need them. We can make your event planning convenient and efficient by facilitating your hedge wall and champagne rack needs.

If you are interested to learn more about our artificial greenery for event planners, please feel free to contact us today.