Artificial Living Walls
Commercial & Residential Dream Spaces for Custom Installations or DIY Projects

No Watering

Save water and save money with artificial plants that don't require a single drop.

Instant Transformation

Instantly add life, color, and individuality to your space with a custom faux living wall.

Low Maintenance

Faux living walls are easy & require very little post-installment maintenance


Our living walls are built using high-quality poly synthetic blends that won't deteriorate.

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High Quality Custom Results Made Easy
Our Process
  1. Measure the dimensions of the area to be covered.
  2. Develop a plan for the design and materials to use.
  3. Begin production on the panels and prep for install.
  4. We arrive on site and provide an easy installment.

You Dream it. We Build it.
Custom Applications

We can build your custom living wall from scratch with custom fabrication or on any existing surface. Completely cover or add an extension for more privacy.

  1. Brick Walls
  2. Stucco Walls
  3. Vinyl Walls
  4. Indoor Walls
  5. Iron Rod Fences
  6. Chain-link Fences
  7. Wood Fences
  8. Ceilings & Overhangs

We are so thrilled with our custom framed living wall! Julieann was amazing to work with, communicated with us every step of the project, and produced an amazing end product at an affordable price! Our installation required a unique arrangement that she happily accommodated. We couldn’t be happier!

Jeremy Lindsey

Featured Installations

High-Quality Products & Award-Winning Service

Improve the design and functionality of commercial or residential spaces by adding artificial living walls. Unlike real living plants, artificial greenery is a low-maintenance option that will enhance your space for years to come.

Customize to Your Preferences

At Unreal Designs, Inc., you get to design your own artificial living wall.

Would you like to add a border or frame around your Custom Artificial Living Wall? We proudly offer stained wood, aluminum, and more framing options. Just ask!

Once the design is perfected, we will attach the greenery to the panels and get everything ready to install. We do offer installation, or you are welcome to install yourself.

Installation Included

We will be there to implement your creation during every step of the installation. Choose from a mix of artificial greenery, geometric designs, and other features that add fluidity. Our sturdy backing panel will secure your custom artificial living wall as it brightens up your space.

We begin with your dimensions and weld a backing panel to fit your space. From there, we work with you to create a custom design for your wall using a mix of the artificial greenery of your choosing. READ MORE for the difference in fluid and geometric designs. 

We can ship nationwide or you can pick up from our San Diego location.

Call (760) 877-8735 or email for a free estimate today!

Featured Living Wall Materials

Bahama Mama 40" x 40"

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Bora Bora Flora

Bora Bora Flora 40" x 40"

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Costa Rica Tica 40" x 40"

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Dark Green Boxwood 20" x 20"

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