Mini Pearl Mat
Mini Pearl Mat
Mini Pearl Mat
Mini Pearl Mat
Mini Pearl Mat
Mini Pearl Mat

Mini Pearl Mat

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Dense and accented with small white flowers, Mini Leaf Mat is often used to transform boring walls, bring your space to life, and add flare. These mats are UV Rated, weather resistant, and require no maintenance. These look amazing both alone or when serving as an addition to Artificial Living Walls.

Each box includes 12 total mats. Each mat is 20" x 20" and can be easily snapped together via male/female connectors. One box will cover approximately 32 sq.ft. 

Mini Pearl Mat is multi-functional: it seamlessly adds privacy, beauty, and boasts sound proofing qualities. When installed onto walls, and our artificial hedges, Mini Pearl mats can help to reduce echoes. Thoughtfully placed, artificial greenery can deflect sounds as well. In an instant, our Mini Pearl Mat can reduce stress and noise, while increasing your space's privacy and beauty.

This product works great for both indoor and outdoor applications. We guarantee this UV Rated product against fading for two years. 

See it in action:

In an instant, the artificial greenery makes the wall pop and bring life to spaces where it otherwise might not be, whether live greenery is hard to grow or not.

Tell Me More...

UV Rated

We guarantee the UV Rating on our artificial greenery for two years after purchase. The UV resistance is infused into the leaves, not just sprayed onto the product after. This greenery should stay green for years to come.

The Specs:

*Weather Resistant

*Maintenance Free

*Saves Water

*Reduces Noise

an instant transformation

It's beautiful, it's life-like, and it makes any space better than ever before. Our artificial greenery is great for adding color and life to your space, as well as privacy, if desired.