Why You Should Choose Artificial Hedges For Rooftops And Balconies

Why You Should Choose Artificial Hedges For Rooftops And Balconies

Urban greening has become increasingly popular in the cityscape as the U.S.focuses on creating beautiful jungle cities full of modern green space. The iconic concrete walls and rooftops of skyscrapers have been enhanced with countless artificial hedge panels of plants, vines, and flowers. If you’re looking to spruce up your rooftop or balcony with a lush garden wall, learn why you should choose an artificial hedge for your outdoor space.

Artificial Hedges Make the Space More Warm and Welcoming

Rooftop greening enhances the cultural, modern green ambiance while also improving the roof’s aesthetics. Artificial hedges can add a stylish touch of green on any surface, whether it's ground level or not. Their almost-natural appearance can be used to cover the colder, more lifeless look of concrete or metal walls, fences, and railings. Lifelike wall panels such as ficus mats are frequently used to transform uninteresting walls as they are vibrant, add flair and bring your area to life. These mats are a perfect match for complementing real greenery.

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Artificial Hedges Create a Space for Work and Recreation 

When fitted with an artificial hedge, your rooftop can be used as a work or recreation space—from being a place to do your writing and planning, creative and critical thinking, to a place for fitness training, yoga practice, or even stargazing at night. They provide your area with naturalistic greenery, which is great for work and recreation as biophilic spaces have always been known for boosting creativity and productivity, relieving stress, and improving mental health.

Artificial Hedges Create a Space for Much-Needed Rest 

An artificial hedge can provide shelter from the blazing sun on warm days, allowing you to rest and relax on your rooftop or balcony in a cool, open-air setting. You can use it as a little midday retreat for yourself—a quiet hideaway spot for peace and meditation, or for taking a break when your kids are sleeping. It'll be even more relaxing if you adorn it with lots of pretty succulents, potted plants, and flowers on the tables and floors. Even better, turn it into a charming little zen garden by adding some small rocks and find your tranquility in the scenic beauty! 

Artificial Hedges Help Protect Your Privacy 

Artificial hedge screens are typically thick, which makes them perfect for safeguarding your privacy from surrounding neighbors while also reducing any noise coming into your area. Artificial hedge designs like expandable trellises are crowd favorites for quickly creating privacy while also beautifying rooftops or balcony walls. Expandable trellises are extendable wooden-style lattices made of long-lasting PVC and lined with artificial lush green leaves. When not in use, they can be pushed together to save space, and when fully extended, they can conveniently serve as a privacy screen anytime you need it!

Artificial Hedges Are Weatherproof and Maintenance-Free

The beauty of synthetic plants is that they don't require any water, soil, or sunlight to thrive. There's no need to be concerned about the weather, lighting, irrigation, fertilizer, pruning, pests, or waiting for it to grow. An artificial hedge is a durable and practical decor option since it is UV-rated, which means it will not fade or crack even with constant exposure to the sun!