Why Should Private Schools Use Artificial Living Walls To Increase Privacy?

Why Should Private Schools Use Artificial Living Walls To Increase Privacy?

Is it important to build a fence or wall around the perimeter of a private school? Arguments can be made for the use of a privacy wall or for leaving the area open and unrestricted. But for the most part, the majority of opinions lean toward the use of some type of wall, fencing, barricade, etc.

Here, we will explore the reasons behind building a wall around a private school. Moreover, we'll look specifically at using an artificial living wall to surround your institution of learning. Why? Artificial living walls increase privacy. That's particularly important where a private school is concerned. 

We will also talk about how the aesthetics of your school can be improved by the use of one of these walls and, in fact, how your students and faculty can benefit.

Surrounding Your Private School with an Artificial Living Wall – The Benefits

One of the most important aspects of using an artificial green wall with which to surround your private school is, first and foremost, privacy. Prying eyes can be prevented from viewing the people and events taking place at your private facility. The word "private" is attached to your school for a reason. It denotes more than just the fact that students who go here do so through private pay.

There are many reasons for sending a child to a private school. Some of them include the fact that the children of high-ranking government officials, celebrities, politicians, high-level businesspeople, and others need to be protected from the press, prying eyes, gawkers, etc. Privacy fencing helps assure their protection. Artificial living walls do it beautifully and more elegantly than other types of walls.

In addition to protecting the privacy of the people within, an artificial living wall around a private school helps to make sure that neither the faculty nor the students are distracted by outside influences. It may even make them feel more comfortable, knowing that there is no one from the outside looking in. With plenty of greenery viewable through the windows of the school, they won't have to feel like they’re enclosed within four solid walls. Additionally, the grounds of your school can remain free from vandalism, helping your groundskeepers maintain a more pleasing, lovely surrounding.

Added Protection

It would be neglectful, to say the very least, not to mention the fact that the safety of today's students is of the utmost importance. In a private school, unfortunately, the threat still remains. It's practically unavoidable. At least with a sturdy but aesthetically pleasing wall around your facility, and the proper officials manning the gate, doors, offices, etc., you stand a better chance of being able to protect your students in a manner that assures their safety and well-being.

A solid and sturdy artificial living wall around your school also makes the job easier of any surveillance system you may have mounted on the outside of your school. A restricted area is far easier to surveil than is a large, wide open space.

Living Walls Can Increase a School’s Aesthetic Appeal

What's nicer to look at? Bricks and wrought iron, or something natural looking and green? For centuries, the privacy around buildings has been maintained largely by brick/stone walls and/or wrought iron fencing and gates. While a gate may still come into play, today, the walls surrounding a building – in this case, a private school – can be made up of luscious greenery.

Regardless of the circumstances outside or inside a private school, the look of an artificial living wall promotes a feeling of calm, health, well-being, and sophistication. In a more relaxed manner, it still separates the school from the community, while offering a more appealing and comfortable feel than a stone wall or iron fence. It encourages an impression that is more tranquil and feels less institutionalized. 

Depending on the level of privacy desired, you will be able to specify how tall you want your artificial living wall to be. Make your property partially viewable from the outside, or completely obstructed from nosy neighbors, paparazzi, etc.

Living Walls Are Good for Students

From grade schools to colleges, educators are seeking new solutions in which to improve student mental health and safety outcomes all over the world. In their endeavor, they have discovered a new trend, and it is catching on fast.

Indoor plants improve the general well-being and health of individuals within the structure – be it a home, an office, or a school. To bring even more life to educational spaces, artificial living green walls are being created and used. The benefits of having live-looking green walls around a facility are numerous, but here are some of the most significant:

  • They promote a healing environment.
  • There is likely to be less vandalism and more social interaction.
  • To the facility they surround, plant walls add value.
  • They make people within the structure they surround feel more comfortable and encourage them to spend more time there.
  • Productivity is boosted by artificial vertical gardens.
  • Stress is reduced by green walls.
  • Ambient noise is reduced by artificial vertical gardens.
  • Particularly during summer, the ambient temperature can be reduced by an artificial living wall, which will also help save on air-conditioning costs.
  • Feelings of well-being are promoted by green walls.

Truth be told, both your faculty and your students will benefit from installing an artificial living wall around your educational institution.

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