Why Artificial Green Walls Are Perfect For Your Home & Office Decor

Why Artificial Green Walls Are Perfect For Your Home & Office Decor

Perfect for areas where there are limited outdoor spaces, and even those with more than enough, artificial green walls add a sense of nature where you are working or living. They have their way of making a property stand out when compared to its neighboring buildings. They are now among the most popular trends in the world of interior design. Here is a list of the reasons they are perfect for your home or office.

What Is an Artificial Green Wall?

Before digging deeper into the reasons, let us first define what an artificial green wall is. An artificial green wall uses synthetic plants. Note, however, that these products are not like other synthetic plants out there, because these walls feature ultra-realistic and high-quality artificial plants. This pre-made structure can be used either internally or externally and can be attached to your existing walls.

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They Are Versatile

They can be used anywhere on your property, and both residential and commercial properties benefit from having one. There are different styles and colors to choose from, among them are the desert leaf mat and purple leaflet mat. At Unreal Designs, Inc., you will be able to get the design best suited for your space, one that blends with the decor in the home or office. Adding to their versatility is the fact that they can act as a privacy shield that prevents outsiders, passers-by, and the like from prying into your area.

They Make Your Space More Welcoming

If you are expecting guests to pay a visit to your home, or you need to boost your brand to attract more customers to come and do business with you, a great starting point is the addition of artificial green walls to your space. These pieces have the ability to make all visitors feel welcome. They provide that sense of tranquility that one is longing for, and evoke an atmosphere of peace and calm in the area. They can even add a layer of insulation to your walls, bringing cool comfort to whoever is in the area.

They Last Long

They are not like other synthetic plants that may "wilt" as they age. They do not wear and tear. In fact, they are highly durable and can last for years. They are UV-resistant too. No strong wind or rain can destroy these structures.

They Do Not Require Much Attention

Having real plants means that you need to pay attention to them, such as watering, changing the soil, or repotting them as they grow bigger. This is the exact opposite when you go for artificial versions. You do not even have to prune them. All you need to do is give them some quick dusting for them to look their very best. You don't have to worry about picking up fallen leaves either, because there are no such things when it comes to these artificial green walls.

We can list more reasons to persuade you to invest in artificial green walls for your home and office, but the above-mentioned ones pretty much sum up what you can derive from having one.