What Makes Artificial Hedge Fences So Popular In California

What Makes Artificial Hedge Fences So Popular In California

Artificial is the new trendy reality and it's here to stay. Artificial hedge wall or fence for indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial, has been the trend of all times.

Minimal Maintenance

In contrast to their authentic counterparts, artificial hedges for the outdoors need minimal maintenance. They do not require the heavy irrigation that natural hedges demand and serve as a terrific water-saving option. A frequent issue regarding natural hedges is the brown patches that may emerge without proper maintenance. Still, artificial hedges do not encounter such issues or maintain their green color and density throughout the year. Once you employ artificial hedge fences to serve as a privacy fence, you just have to wipe them down occasionally or allow the rain to rinse all dirt off. 

Instant Effect 

Whereas natural hedges demand time to shoot up or shape up, artificial hedges get installed in just hours. Scientific research has shown that many plants take five years to shoot up to their most full height, which remains a stark contrast to instant hedge walls. You need not have to decide on practical use over beauty, as hedge fences provide immediate privacy and boundary walls with all the aesthetics of green beauty.

Long Lasting

Many of our products, like the Ficus and Boxwood, remain UV stable or have a warranty for over two years. They are the ideal plants to craft appearance and authentic outdoor hedge walls with no risks of decay naturally. While some low-quality choices are at risk of decay, our products are tested and tried so that you can buy the best of our selections.

Aesthetic Appeal

You can resolve your privacy problems with low-maintenance fencing that leaves you no room to spruce up your outdoor areas. Use your space to the best effect by dressing up dull fencing. Courtyards may lack greenery, but adding them creates a gorgeous visual effect. If space is finite and lighting can be dimmed, green panels hold the capacity to render a room livelier or to add depth, making tiny areas look massive.

Fully Customizable 

While natural hedges can grow to a meter in height, artificial hedges might be taller than you seek. This is ideal for privacy, as long as anchorage points remain for our panels to be hung. You can switch your green panels, put them in styling packs, or customize an outdoor hedge further.

Location Versatile

Another issue with artificial hedge fences is the demands of sunlight or easy maintenance access. Some outdoor areas remain difficult to access, such as narrow areas between houses and walls, and if these are viewed through large windows, a dull fence can ruin the look. Other sections are just shaded from sunlight and will not enable the healthy growth of a natural hedge. There are situations in which an artificial hedge is the ideal planting choice. An expert installation team may access all areas or install our hedge fences where natural hedges might not work. You may also get portable hedges that might be moved more quickly.