Ways Living Plant Walls Are Damaging Your Building

Ways Living Plant Walls Are Damaging Your Building

Green walls can either be living or artificial. While both designs create a positive impact and boost the overall aesthetics of a place, there are some risks of having a living plant wall. Some of these issues, like the ones we are listing below, may have a negative impact on you and your business.

Roots Can Outgrow the Space

Live plants have roots, and these parts grow as the plant grows. The roots can sometimes outgrow the area or the pot in which they are initially contained, and start to encroach onto other parts of your living space. Some plants that are left hanging on the walls may have the possibility of creeping onto the walls around them and leaving marks on the paintwork and the walls. They can even damage pipes and other structures.

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Branches and Leaves Can Do Harm Too

As time goes by, the branches and leaves will grow bigger and stronger and there will be a tendency that moving and falling branches will scrape the surfaces of walls in your living space and other man-made structures in the building too. Falling leaves may cause damage to drainage systems by clogging them up. If you do not want these to happen, it will be best to seek artificial green walls like a lavish leaf mat as an alternative.

They Can Impact Interior and Exterior Walls

Living plants need watering. Since they are attached to walls, there is a tendency that water will seep into the walls. As it will take time for the walls to completely dry out, moisture retention then becomes a problem, leading to building deterioration that is faster than normal. Interior and exterior walls will experience chronic moisture, thus leading to plaster and drywall damage. For an alternative, you may install the light green artificial boxwood hedge mat instead.

They Easily Attract Pests

Insects are attracted to growing plants, whether they are outside or inside the building. At first, they seem harmless, but as time goes by, they can contribute to serious problems, such as an infestation of bugs in your living space.

Choosing Artificial Green Walls

With all the damages brought about by living plant walls to your building, what is the best alternative or solution to the problem? Take our word for it. Artificial green walls are the answer to your despair. We at Unreal Designs, Inc. know that you want to make your building as beautiful as possible so that you can attract more investors as well as clients to come and do business with you. Artificial green walls can do that without causing damage to your building.

Furthermore, installing artificial walls can be a great way to significantly reduce water usage. This is highly beneficial during the drought season in California. Living plant walls are high-maintenance and need to be watered frequently, and when the climate is dry, they need even more water. This large amount of water consumption is an issue, particularly during a drought.

We have many versions of artificial green walls that you can choose according to your building's requirements. They come in different styles and colors. It is a matter of picking one that goes well with your brand and your company. You can even customize your own artificial living wall! Feel free to contact us to find out more!