The Versatility of Custom Artificial Living Walls

The Versatility of Custom Artificial Living Walls

Artificial living walls are one of our most popular requests and their popularity is ever-growing. It may sound like an oxymoron, but these walls are so much more than a play on words. Using a variety of our artificial greenery options, we create artificial living walls that appear to be lively, and growing right up and along your wall. The patterns can be fluid or geometric in nature, giving you the choice to create the look you’ve always wanted. Artificial living walls give you all the vibrance and color of a real living wall, with none of the hassle and all of the rewards. Artificial living walls create the life-like green wall you’ve been dreaming of without the hassle of water and upkeep.

Custom artificial living walls can be the perfect addition to both commercial and residential spaces. Both interior and exterior spaces are instantly brought to life with the addition of artificial living walls. We work with our clients to choose the greenery that best suits their space and their tastes. We take lighting, color, and design into account when building each wall, ensuring it’s specifically made and customized for our client.  We’ve done both inside and outside walls that are spectacular!

Our greenery is UV Rated, weather resistant, and maintenance free, meaning our custom artificial living walls thrive in outdoor settings as well and indoor. In an instant, boring, bland walls can be transformed into vibrant outdoor spaces. Often, our artificial living walls are added into spaces and become features for all to see and enjoy, becoming photo backdrops and exciting sites to see.

Our custom artificial living walls are made to order and everything is customizable, from the design to the greenery. The possibilities are endless. We have over 15 different greenery options to choose from, each with varying depth, color, and look. We are also happy to add framing when desired. When working on a custom design, we can incorporate branding elements, logos, and signage as well into the overall finished green wall.

With artificial living walls, you get the best of both worlds. Our products are UV rated, weather resistant, and maintenance free, allowing you to essentially “set it and forget it” with your purchase or install. In addition, all the color, life, and vibrance you’d want from real greenery, comes with artificial greenery. Our products are life-like to both sight and touch. With an artificial living wall, you can create a fun backdrop or divider that appears alive and will actually stay that way, no water and no maintenance required.

Endlessly versatile and customizable, our custom artificial living walls are certainly a unique and beneficial addition to any space. When you’re ready to unleash your creativity and discover new possibilities with artificial greenery, contact us at unrealdesignsinc @ or give us a call at 760.877.8735. We are more than happy to work with you to customize an artificial living wall for your space and your taste. We can both install and ship nationwide, so don’t hesitate to reach out today.