The Perfect Outdoor Setting: How Boxwood Hedges Transform Wedding Venues

The Perfect Outdoor Setting: How Boxwood Hedges Transform Wedding Venues

Outdoor weddings create some of the most breathtaking and beautiful backdrops for your special day. The coastal views, the booming forests, the eye-catching sunset: these are just a few of the potential, gorgeous aspects of an outdoor wedding. However, the perfect wedding ambiance doesn’t create itself. There are countless moving parts to consider when creating the picturesque wedding you’ve always dreamed of. Artificial Boxwood Hedges should always be on the list of necessities. Boxwood hedges play a crucial role in transforming wedding venues into enchanting outdoor spaces.  Our heart shaped hedge and sweet heart swing will also add so much beauty to your setting and photos.

Sweet Heart Backdrop

There are countless uses for Boxwood Hedges in wedding spaces. They can be used to create privacy within a public space and help to define your ceremony area. Boxwood Hedges can be aligned to create charming pathways or entrances. Most popularly, they can help create decorative backdrops for neon signs or the numerous photos taken all night long. The possibilities are endless, but here are a few ways clients have used our Boxwood Hedges on their special day in the past:

Hedge Backdrop

Engagement Backdrop

Appearing real to both sight and touch, Boxwood Hedges add a touch of elegance and sophistication to the natural beauty of existing surroundings within outdoor wedding spaces. The greenery helps add color and life to venue spaces and seamlessly creates privacy for both ceremonies and receptions. Defining venue space within large areas can be daunting, but with Boxwood Hedges, it’s never been easier or more beautiful. Artificial Boxwood Hedges truly create a sense of intimacy and enclosure, making guests feel immersed in a dreamy setting.

One of the most popular ways clients use our Artificial Boxwood Hedges on their wedding day is to create focal backdrops for the ceremony and reception. Sweetheart tables are the focal point of every reception. When Boxwood Hedges come together to create the enticing backdrop, the space has rarely looked better. Photo booths and backdrops for guests are often crafted with the assistance of Boxwood Hedges as well. Visually appealing and endlessly versatile, Boxwood Hedges undoubtedly enhance the aesthetic of wedding photography. 

Each wedding has a unique theme, but Boxwood Hedges easily lend themselves to each and every one. Whether it’s a rustic, bohemian, garden, modern, etc., themed wedding, you simply cannot go wrong with the addition of Boxwood Hedges. Florals and signage pop off the hedges to bring beautiful backdrops to life. Easily hang your seating chart from the hedges to great guests as they walk in. String lights along the hedges to illuminate your pathways. Of course, you can also add Champagne Racks to the hedges to allow guests to grab a glass on their way into your reception. 

Champagne Racks

Boxwood Hedges can instantly transform your wedding venue. Their elegance and versatility cannot be understated. Enhance your wedding venue ambiance today by including Boxwood Hedges in your special day. Contact us today at 760.877.8735 or at  unrealdesignsinc @ to reserve the highest quality rental Artificial Boxwood Hedges for your wedding day.