The Benefits of Artificial Boxwood Hedges for Event Rentals

The Benefits of Artificial Boxwood Hedges for Event Rentals

How can you elevate your next event? The addition of Artificial Boxwood Hedges will instantly take your event to the next level. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, Artificial Boxwood Hedges perfectly fit into any and all events. Incredibly versatile, they add beauty, privacy and function to your event. Artificial Boxwood Hedges provide distinct advantages by offering customizable privacy while enhancing the overall visual appeal of your event space.

Infinite possibilities await when you decide to use Artificial Boxwood Hedges at your next event. They can act as versatile partitions, creating defined areas and providing privacy for your guests. We offer both 8’ tall and mini 3.5’ tall hedges that give you the option to create the level of privacy you want. Artificial boxwood hedges have the benefit of looking colorful, lively and clean all year round, ensuring they look beautiful for every event. Our dedicated, knowledgeable team is able to easily transport, set up, and advise on customization. Unlike natural hedges, there is no dirt spilling out of the base, no loose water, no holes where the plant simply couldn’t grow. Our Artificial Boxwood Hedges are touched up before each delivery, ensuring you and your guests receive nothing but the best quality hedging. 

Boxwood Hedge Rental Wall

Appearing realistic to both sight and touch, our Artificial Boxwood Hedges elevate the aesthetics of your event. For indoor venues, they can add a touch of the outdoors and color to an otherwise dim, monotone room. The natural beauty of Artificial Boxwood Hedges crafts breathtaking elegance within any event venue. Customize our hedges with florals, lighting, signage, etc., and easily tailor them to fit a variety of event themes and styles, enhancing the overall ambiance. 

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Easily moveable and set, Artificial Boxwood Hedges seamlessly fit into most all layouts and within design requirements. Arrange them to create pathways, form entrances, build backdrops, and so much more. We have two Artificial Boxwood Hedge sizes available: 8’ high x 4’ long x 15” deep and our Mini 3.5’ high x 4’ long x 15” deep. Newly available, we also offer our Sweet Heart, a freestanding Boxwood Heart, which stands at 8’ tall x 8’ long at its widest. This variety of styles allows event planners to create unique and visually striking set ups.

Sweet Heart Hedge Wall 

Artificial Boxwood Hedges are low maintenance and readily reusable. We do maintain our hedges, touching each up before they go out on any new delivery. This ensures our clients always receive the highest quality Artificial Boxwood Hedges for their events. Minimal upkeep enables us to save time and resources and we, of course, are able to pass those savings along to our clients. The instant reusability of Artificial Boxwood Hedges for multiple events make them a cost effective and sustainable choice for every event. 

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At the intersection of beauty and function, our Artificial Boxwood Hedges sit ready to be called upon for your next event. Practical and visually appealing, they allow for quick customization and require little maintenance. When you’re ready to elevate your next event, enhancing both function and aesthetics, call us at 760.877.8735, or email us at unrealdesignsinc @, to reserve our Artificial Boxwood Hedges.