Ring in the New Year with Style: Boxwood Hedge Backdrops for Events

Ring in the New Year with Style: Boxwood Hedge Backdrops for Events

It happens at the same time each year, yet, New Year’s Celebrations always seem to sneak up on us. It’s just about that time of year again as we wind down 2023 and look forward to starting fresh in 2024. New Years parties are often the event of the year and the photos taken will hold you over until the party next year. With artificial hedges from Unreal Designs, you can create the perfect backdrop photo opp for guests and ensure your party is the one people are talking about all year long.

Our champagne rack add ons are the perfect New Year’s event accessory. Our stained wood racks were designed to hold champagne glasses . Guests can easily grab a glass from the hedges on their way in, or from hedges strategically placed throughout the event, as they toast to the New Year when the clock strikes 12 a.m. Keeping these racks stocked with champagne throughout the night ensures the party never has to stop.

Champagne Racks

Welcoming guests to a New Years event can be a hefty undertaking, but with artificial hedges from Unreal Designs, it’s never been easier to craft a unique, welcoming entrance to your event. Our mini 3.5’ tall x 4’ long hedges align to set up a glorious aisleway while leading guests to a fun, creative backdrop built with our 8’ tall x 4’ long boxwood hedges. Great guests with an experience and a photo to last a lifetime with a boxwood hedge set up from Unreal Designs. 

Backdrops can set the tone for an event and artificial boxwood hedges provide a blank canvas to create a wonderful backdrop. Easily attach props, flowers, signage, lights, etc. to make your backdrop truly pop. The boxwood hedge lends itself to a built in, lively, colorful canvas. The lush greenery and versatility of boxwood elevates New Year’s events to the next level.

Hedge Walls with Photos

Both indoor and outdoor, artificial hedges seamlessly add to the event aesthetics, instantly bringing the space to life. Personalize your show-stopping backdrop with neon lights and floral displays to create that Instagram-worthy backdrop, the one guests won’t be able to pass up. Include disposable cameras, polaroids, and props for guests to get interactive within your hedge backdrop creation. 

Of course, boxwood hedges are also great for creating new spaces and adding privacy to events. Instantly align hedges to make a public space private, or divide event space to create exclusivity where desired. Sleek and lush, boxwood hedges fit into each event with ease. Also available for event rentals, we have our Sweetheart Swing, our Sweet Heart, and a Boxwood Arch. The swing and heart make for the perfect photo opp while the arch lends itself to the perfect entrance for your event.

Sweet Heart Hedge

Contact Unreal Designs today by giving us a call at 760.877.8735 or sending an email to unrealdesignsinc @ gmail.com and we’d be happy to work with you to add boxwood hedges to your New Year’s event. It’s never too late to elevate your event with boxwood hedges. We wish you a Happy New Year and events filled with fun, friends, family, and hedges!