Popular Restaurant Boxwood Hedge Trends In 2022

Popular Restaurant Boxwood Hedge Trends In 2022

Outstanding food and service are hallmarks of a successful restaurant, but the atmosphere it creates leaves a lasting impression and has the power to turn a one-time customer into a regular. That’s why artificial boxwood hedges have become so popular. They can be used in a variety of innovative ways to give a restaurant a calming, elegant appearance. So, if you’ve been looking to spruce up your restaurant décor with some greenery, learn about the four popular design trends of using boxwood hedges in restaurants here!

Using Boxwood Hedges to Create a Warm and Welcoming Entrance

The natural, vibrant green colors of boxwood hedges can be used to cover any uninviting colors typically associated with metal, concrete walls, frames, or lamp poles at your restaurant’s doorstep. Colors have a tremendous subconscious effect on people—green is positively associated with warmth, health, wealth, and stability. It's a soothing, pleasing-to-the-eye color that can help lift your customers’ spirits, let them enjoy the experience, and boost their willingness to spend more time and money at your restaurant!

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Using Boxwood Hedges to Create a Flexible Floor Plan

In the restaurant industry, open-plan layouts are becoming more prevalent. Finding unique methods to customize your restaurant space is more necessary than ever. Boxwood hedges are popular restaurant partitions as they allow for a flexible floor layout that businesses can adapt to in different situations. They can be used as privacy dividers to create small, intimate spaces for couples, or moved around to create large, exclusive areas when big groups dine together. Additionally, boxwood hedges come in various shapes and sizes to dissect any space—tall, short, wide, thin, and even circular boxwood balls are available!

Using Boxwood Hedges to Create a Photobooth in Your Restaurant

Customers adore sleek, chic, and picturesque boxwood hedges that serve as a photobooth living wall in your restaurant to capture special moments. Your photo booth space can be specially accessorized thanks to the flexibility and versatility of boxwood hedges. Consider adding your brand logo plus a bright neon, flashing welcome sign, or some fairy lights plus a splash of colorful flowers to bring your vertical garden backdrops to life. 

Fun, eye-catching, and hyper realistic artificial wall panels like light green boxwood hedge mats are highly customizable and frequently used as a vibrant photo backdrop in lively, daytime alfresco dining restaurants. For more intimate nighttime dining areas, dark green boxwood hedge mats are also available! The more stunning and distinctive your boxwood hedge photo booths are, the more people will talk about them online. Living wall backdrops that are aesthetically impressive will encourage people to share your restaurant’s brand on social media, which is an excellent free marketing tool!

Using Boxwood Hedges to Create a Zen Zone

In restaurants, the accumulated noise from customers conversing can easily make people lose their appetite when the decibels get too high. Due to their densely packed leaves and vines functioning as a sound buffer, boxwood hedges are fantastic for suppressing noises and forming a delightful little zen zone. It'll be much more relaxing if you decorate the tables and floors with lots of gorgeous succulents, potted plants and flowers, and little pebbles to provide customers with some peace and tranquility.