New Year, New Office: Enhancing Corporate Spaces with Artificial Greenery

New Year, New Office: Enhancing Corporate Spaces with Artificial Greenery

We hear it all the time around the start of a new year, “new year, new me.” At Unreal Designs, we like to say, “new year, new space.” Start off the new year right by refreshing and revitalizing your corporate work space with artificial greenery. Employee well-being and productivity undoubtably improve with workplace improvements and enhancements. Adding artificial living walls and green walls to your office space is sure to bring joy back to the workspace, improving productivity along the way.

The positive effects of greenery in the workplace are well documented. Often, greenery increases employee morale and reduces stress. Artificial greenery instantly enhances the workplace for employees (and clients). Specifically, artificial living walls include a variety of color and texture, instantly bringing the space they’re added into to life. Vibrant and lively, these unique, handcrafted green walls are much more than just a talking point. Take a look at a few artificial living walls we’ve installed in the past to see the instant difference they make. 

Artificial Living Wall Rooftop

Tropical Artificial Living Wall

One of the many benefits of creating a custom artificial living wall with Unreal Designs is the customization itself. When adding green walls to corporate spaces, we can not only choose from a variety of greenery and design elements, but we can also find ways to integrate the elements/themes of your business into the artificial living wall itself. We’re happy to incorporate company colors, logos, etc. into the artificial living wall so that it uniquely captures the essence of your company space. 

Artificial Tropical Living Wall

Artificial boxwood hedges can also seamlessly enhance your corporate environment. Often, boxwood hedges are used to create both private and more collaborative work spaces. We’re happy to work with you on placement and design to find the best fit and placement for your artificial boxwood hedges. In addition, we can add wheels to the hedges to allow you to continuously move the hedges to open or close your space as you see fit for the time. Best of all, not only do artificial boxwood hedges look vibrant and lively year round, but they are very low maintenance. Noise reduction is another key benefit of artificial greenery. Absorbed sound waves keep the work space quiet and focused when needed.

Lavish Leaf Hedges Privacy and Sound Barrier

Boxwood Hedges

Adding color and life to your corporate space has the potential to foster creativity and innovation with your employees. Well-designed spaces inspire teamwork and collaboration. With artificial greenery, an instant transformation can take your corporate space from drab to fab. These positive effects for employees and productivity are just the beginning. This new year, create your new corporate space and see the incredible results happen within your company. Contact us today at unrealdesignsinc @ or give us a call at 760.877.8735 to add artificial greenery to your space.