How To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Solar Panels

How To Improve The Aesthetics Of Your Solar Panels

If you haven’t already made the switch to solar panels, chances are you are seriously considering it now. Not only are they an eco-friendly way of generating electricity for your residential or business use, you will get to save lots in energy bills down the road!

However, one concern that home and business owners may have about getting solar panels installed is how their look will fit in with the rest of your building’s exterior. In this article, we share with you some great ways to improve your solar panel aesthetics!

Position Them to Hide Unpleasant Roof Features

Does all or part of your roof have a faded appearance due to prolonged sun exposure? Or are there any visible plumbing or piping features on your roof that you have been wishing to hide for a long time? You can kill two birds with one stone when you get solar panels installed by ensuring that they cover up these unpleasant features you don’t wish to be visible from the ground!

Ensure Layout is Neat and Consistent

Of course, the company in charge of installing your solar panels will give you the best suggestions on where to position them. This is typically decided based on the direction your building is facing as well as the area of your roof that receives the most sunlight. The arrangement of your solar panels should look neat and consistent instead of forming a jagged pattern across your roof.

Keep Components Hidden

Besides the panels themselves, there will also be other components in your solar panel system. This includes junction boxes and mechanical attachments. As much as possible, try to run these parts through your attic instead of getting rooftop conduits installed, as this can be another aesthetic element you wish to hide.

Incorporate Artificial Greenery on Your Roof

While you will not wish for anything to obstruct your solar panels and prevent them from receiving the maximum exposure to sunlight, you can certainly incorporate a decorative element with artificial greenery. This can be interspersed throughout your solar panel system to create a natural look that’s easy on the eyes.

Keep in mind that your artificial greenery will need to be cleaned every now and again, just like your solar panels do. All you need to do is remove any dirt and debris that have accumulated and give them a wipe down with clean water. It’s not necessary to make use of any cleaning chemicals as this can fade the appearance of your artificial greenery prematurely!

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