How to buy a Custom Artificial Hedge: A Step by Step Guide

Custom Artificial Hedge
Custom Artificial Hedges

It may seem daunting, but at Unreal Designs, Inc., we try to make custom Artificial Hedge purchases easy and convenient. We respect each client’s tastes are different, and with our variety of artificial greenery and base options, we hope to bring your specific vision to life.

The three primary factors that bring each custom Artificial Hedge to life are the hedge dimensions, artificial greenery, and preferred base. The answer to these questions are often determined by what function you’d like your Artificial Hedges to serve and your personal tastes. There’s no right or wrong choice in design. If you like it, we’ll strive to make it happen.

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Our Recommended Artificial Hedge Buying Process:

Step 1: Start By Measuring Your Dimensions

Step 2: Choose Your Artificial Greenery

Step 3: Determine Your Base


Step 1: Start By Measuring Your Dimensions

Each Artificial Hedge is custom made to order. Don’t hesitate to tell us your preferred dimensions. We’ve built short hedges, tall hedges, curved hedges, etc. Safety is a key concern and we always take into account the environment the artificial hedge will be placed in. Hedge Extensions added atop existing walls are also a popular and often requested option.

Individual or Continuous: Will these be free-standing artificial hedge walls, or permanently installed? Would you like a continuous hedge look? Or, should your hedge(s) be easily moveable when desired? If you’re planning to move them often, or need the option left open, we recommend a length of 4’ per artificial hedge.

Stability: Next, consider the depth of your Artificial Hedge. The larger the depth, the more stable your hedge. If you’re looking for a permanently installed hedge wall, the depth can be smaller because we’ll attach your hedges to an existing structure. However, if they need to be moveable, you’ll want to keep depth and stability in mind when you consider the depth dimensions. We don’t recommend going below 15” on most free-standing Artificial Hedges.

Height also plays a factor in your Artificial Hedges’s stability. The hedges carry most of their weight in the base, making them bottom heavy and susceptible to windy conditions. Not sure how high the artificial hedge can or should be? Our artificial greenery specialists can happily discuss height and safety with you before the purchase.

The Essentials: If you know what you’d like your artificial hedge to accomplish and have a rough idea of the finished look, we’ll gladly walk you through the process of determining the final dimensions. We will not leave you with something that’s unsafe.

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Add-Ons: If you plan to move your hedges often, we can certainly add casters for ease of movement. In addition, you can request handles to be installed on the hedges.

The Build: Each hedge has an interior steel cage welded to your specific dimensions. The interior frame is made of a ¼” thick, 6” x 6” powder-coated steel grid. In addition, the base frame is welded with a ⅛” thick, 1” steel angle. We weld these frames in house, at our shop in San Diego, CA. This quality, durable framing ensures your artificial hedge frame will last as long as possible. Our custom fabrication capabilities allow us to build artificial hedges your way and eliminate guesswork.


Step 2: Choose Your Artificial Greenery

We offer a wide variety of Artificial Greenery options for Hedges. You can choose one, or create a mix if you’d like. Find all of our latest greenery options here:

Here are several examples of how our Dark Green Boxwood Hedge Mat, Lavish Leaf Mat, and Ficus Mat have been used on custom Artificial Hedges in the past:

Greenery mix Hedges

What are the Benefits of Artificial Greenery?

Live plants take quite a bit of time, money, and effort to maintain. Live plants need to be watered often, regular landscape maintenance, constant attention so they don’t die, etc. On the other hand, artificial greenery doesn’t require any of that. Say goodbye to maintenance and worries when you install artificial plants and hedge panels.


Step 3: Determine Your Base

Once you’ve decided on the dimensions and your artificial greenery, the next step is to choose a suitable hedge base material. We typically build a 12” tall bases for artificial hedges. We include the height of the base in the overall height of your hedge. The base adds stability and durability to each hedge, allowing for a weighted base and a lasting structure.

Popular Artificial Hedge Base Material Options:

We offer Trex Composite, Powder-Coated Steel, Marine Grade Plastic, and IPE Wood base frames. The materials were chosen because they are long-lasting and can withstand harsh environments. Each hedge we build is designed to last.

Our most popular option is Trex Composite base frames. You’re able to choose from a variety of colors, possibly to match existing decor. The composite wood on these bases is designed for decking. It won’t fade or warp in the sun and is guaranteed to last for years. The color options can be found here:

Here are a few previously installed hedges with Trex Composite Wood Bases:

trex bases

The powder-coated steel base complements most color choices and works great for smaller, lightweight artificial hedges. The marine grade plastic is ¾” thick, and durable against harsh weather and regular movement of your hedge. The IPE Wood is a solid choice for those looking for a lasting hardwood look. Here are a few images showing those varying options:

steel vs ipe vs marine grade plastic 

We’re more than happy to walk you through this journey of designing and adding a custom Artificial Hedge to your space. Reach out to us to discuss your options or request a quote here:



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