How Long Do Outdoor Artificial Hedges Last?

How Long Do Outdoor Artificial Hedges Last?

High quality outdoor artificial hedges can create a unique area, protect privacy, isolate a space, and/or improve a space significantly. Their excellent performance and good design are irreplaceable by other products. If, as a dealer or seller, you want to introduce your customers to artificial boxwood hedges, or you're considering purchasing them for your commercial or residential property, the information included here should be helpful.

Life Without Greenery Is Like a Day Without Sunshine

Greenery represents vitality and life. You can't live without it. Unfortunately, a lot of maintenance is required by delicate, living, natural plants. If they're not taken care of, they get sick and die. With seasonal changes, they tend to wither.

Artificial greenery, however, poses none of those issues. They don't need fertilizing, mowing, irrigation, pruning, or extensive maintenance. In fact, maintenance costs and efforts are very low. You basically have to rinse the dust off of them here and there, and then let them dry. No fuss, no muss.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Qualities

Before we discuss longevity, specifically, let's review some of the more desirable qualities of high-quality artificial hedges:

  • Pets and people with allergies don't have to worry. Unlike natural plants, no pollen is produced by artificial hedges.
  • No matter the season or the weather conditions, artificial hedges are always vibrant and green.
  • There is no bad odor, they are easy to assemble, details are exquisite, and they have a realistic appearance with guaranteed quality.

Artificial Boxwood Hedge Longevity

Now that you have been introduced to the high points of artificial boxwood hedges, let's talk about longevity. How long can you expect them to last?

It's already been established that along the street, a walkway, in a window, etc., lush green landscaping is enjoyable and, indeed, desirable. But depending on the weather, change of seasons, maintenance schedule upkeep, and more, trying to keep living plants lush and green is an extreme challenge, at best.

Whether indoors or outdoors, artificial boxwood hedges need little to no maintenance and will stay lush and green for far longer than a living hedge. They’re worry free and reassuring.

Regardless of their quality and high level of performance, however, nothing lasts forever - including artificial boxwood hedges. We guarantee the UV Rating of our Artificial Greenery for two years, but it should last you much longer than that.  Taking good care of them with regular (albeit simple) cleaning will help them last longer and look better for an extended period of time. We build the interior frames of our hedges to last. They’re welded from a powder coated steel grid, custom to your desired specs. That structure is sure to last for years, and beyond.  Down the line if your greenery needs to be replaced, we can do that while still using the original structure we welded for you.

Why Do Artificial Hedges Last So Long?

The longevity of artificial hedges has a lot to do with not only what they're made from, but the treatments they receive. UV protection is used for high-quality artificial boxwood hedges. The best hedges, thanks to the treatments they go through, will not lose their texture or shape, will not be prone to aging, and will not break or fade. You don't even have to worry about them getting wet because their mildew proof qualities help them stay fresh and new looking. In the wind, they will not collapse.

It is advisable, however, to avoid color differences, that you regularly move your artificial hedge around so it will receive sunlight evenly.

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