How Can We Help You Build Privacy?

How Can We Help You Build Privacy?
The most common thing our clients are looking for when they find us is privacy. Whether it be through an Artificial Hedge, Hedge Extension, or Paneling, we’re always happy to help. Creating privacy with artificial greenery has never been better or easier. Not only are you able to achieve your desired sense of privacy, you also now have beautiful, life-like artificial greenery in your space. It’s a win-win. 

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We recently helped create privacy for a client in their backyard through Privacy Paneling. To best match the current live greenery growing in front of their current wall, we used our Ficus Mat on these panels. Single sided below the current wall and double sided on the top, their neighbors got the benefit of the beautiful Ficus Privacy Panels as well. 
Our client’s current trees had lost too many leaves to the wind and didn’t grow consistently. Now, with our Ficus Privacy Paneling, the desired level of privacy was instantly achieved. The panels extended 18” taller than the previous height of the wall and created the perfect amount of privacy our client was looking for within their backyard. 
On the other hand, sometimes an Artificial Boxwood Hedge is best when it comes to creating privacy within your space. We were lucky enough to work with a client in Mission Beach looking to gain privacy on their beachside balconies. Neighboring homes saw new tourists nearly every weekend and our client wanted to privately enjoy their space without fear or thought of others looking in from the homes next door. 
With a Custom Artificial Boxwood Hedge placed on the left and right sides of both the 2nd and 3rd floor balconies, we were able to instantly create the privacy our client had been looking for. The hedges included a Winchester Gray Trex Composite Base with Dark Green Artificial Boxwood and were attached to the existing balcony walls to ensure stability in high ocean winds. The hedges were an instant success and now our client is happy to see an Artificial Boxwood Hedge, not unwanted eyes snooping from next door. 
To discuss how we can help build privacy within your space at your home or business with artificial greenery, call Juliann Johnson at (760) 877- 8735 today. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email at unrealdesignsinc @ and we would be happy to help.