How A Faux Green Wall Creates A Healthier Workspace

How A Faux Green Wall Creates A Healthier Workspace

Artificial green walls offer the flexibility needed for architects and designers to overcome the limitations of natural plants and extend greenery to bigger spaces. This article reviews how a faux green wall creates a healthier workspace.

Artificial Green Walls Improve Office Aesthetics

In the past few years, an artificial green wall has become an increasingly trendy way to install greenery into our spaces. But why is it necessary to have green decorations in the office?

A notion termed biophilia: the idea that humans have an innate desire to seek connections with green environments. Biophilia focuses on experience and how we perceive the environment, even extending to affecting our emotions, well-being, and mood when in decorated green spaces.

Artificial vertical walls deliver a similar impact – delivering you a small green resting space in your office or workspace.

Green Walls Reduce Stress and Increase Productivity

Resembling the effects of being around nature, being about plants enhances memory, concentration, and output. Getting “under the influence of plants” may expand memory retention to 20 percent and enhance attentiveness, reaching 70 percent.

“Keeping decorative plants inside the house and in the office enhances memory retention and focus, '' observes Texas A&M. “Work done with the proximity of decorative plants is often of better quality and performed with a much better success rate than work performed in surroundings lacking any nature.”

Green Walls Reduce Indoor Noise

Research from Oxford University has shown plants take in noise from bustling workplace surroundings. By reducing the loud audible sounds of a bustling office, plants reduce worker distractions and raise output.

Focusing on a noisy workplace environment may be challenging, but green walls can keep out high-frequency sounds by refracting and reflecting noises. Green walls take in acoustic noise, which implies more minor noise levels in the office.

Creates a Cozy Atmosphere

Artificial green walls are trendy owing to the warm and cozy atmosphere that these deliver to visitors. They are highly pleasing in visual appearance, providing an immediate sense of calm and peace.

Not merely do these appear very aesthetic, but their construction assists with adding an added layer of insulation to your walls, by helping to make sure that these have the capacity to maintain the room at a cool temperature owing to winter or summer climates.


Along with boosting your mood,  the artificial green wall also serves as a healthy decoration to install in an office. There are no toxins released in the construction of artificial green walls, and as they are not actual plants, this means workers with allergies like hay fever will not go through allergic reactions to the installation on your property.

Boost  Your Mood

Real plants are well known for their soothing and calming properties, also though an artificial green wall may not purify the air like living plants, studies have demonstrated that these are capable of providing the same soothing effects.

Why Green Walls?

Artificial green walls placed in the office provide an unforgettable, natural experience in an otherwise concrete-dominant world.