Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome By Installing An Artificial Greenery Wall In The Lobby

Give Your Guests A Warm Welcome By Installing An Artificial Greenery Wall In The Lobby

The lobby is the first part of your building guests see when they come in for a visit. Whether your guests are customers, prospective new staff, or business partners, you want to make sure that the lobby impresses them when they first walk in. Read on to learn how an artificial greenery wall can make a huge difference in your guests' first impression of your building.

Making a Great First Impression

For most buildings, the lobby is what makes the first impression, being the first part of the building that visitors enter. Installing an artificial greenery wall in your building's lobby keeps your business looking both welcoming and professional, keeping your brand on guests' minds. Making your guests feel welcome in the lobby sets a more pleasant tone for your meeting, even before both parties interact for the first time. Rather than facing a solid, blank wall, most guests will feel more welcomed and comfortable being faced with soft, lush greenery adorning your walls instead. 

Office Lobbies

Office lobbies are one of the best spaces to install an artificial green wall on because they can give your office space a sense of personality without seeming unprofessional. They give your office building a more pleasant appearance, which is great if your company follows a more fun and open-minded sense of corporate culture. Furthermore, synthetic greenery walls are a great way to spruce up your office space without needing a major remodeling or renovation project, which ensures that your office's doors stay open during business hours. Synthetic plants also don't require maintenance in the same way live plants do, making this a low-maintenance and practical way to beautify your office.

Hotel Lobbies

Hospitality establishments such as hotels and resorts can also reap a bunch of benefits from installing an artificial greenery wall in their lobbies. Such establishments need to maintain the appearance of paradise to entice customers on their vacation getaways. The appearance of lush greenery is naturally complementary to the relaxing and luxurious appearance most hospitality establishments do, which is why it's obvious that artificial greenery makes for a suitable piece of décor for them. The low-maintenance nature of synthetic greenery makes these walls' appearance easy to maintain, keeping your staff team's workload the same while boosting your establishment's appearance.

Benefits of Installing an Artificial Greenery Wall in Your Lobby

Installing an artificial greenery wall is great for a variety of buildings, due to all of the benefits that they bring. Their pleasant appearance makes your building look more welcoming and memorable. Hence, you can expect to see an increase in revenue and much more positive opinions toward your business upon installing an artificial greenery wall in your lobby. With such great results at such little effort and low prices, it's no wonder business owners worldwide have been loving artificial greenery walls!

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