Elevate Your Event: The Versatility of Boxwood Hedge Rentals

Elevate Your Event: The Versatility of Boxwood Hedge Rentals

Event Decor is one of the most important parts of creating memorable experiences and events. Setting your event apart from the rest is not an easy task, but at Unreal Designs, we can help. Elevate your next event with our artificial boxwood hedges. Perfect as romantic backdrops, champagne hedge walls, privacy creators, and for space division, or to create an entrance, our boxwood hedges are incredibly versatile and are quickly becoming a staple in the world of event design.

Most popularly, artificial boxwood hedges are used to create stunning photo backdrops for events. Rather than bland, flat backdrops, hedges add depth and texture to photographs. We encourage clients to easily add flowers, signage, lights, props, and more to create their perfect, personalized backdrop. Hang neon signs, seating charts, “Mr. and Mrs.” signage, even candy bars using our shelves.

Wedding Backdrop

Artificial boxwood hedges can help to define event spaces within larger venues, both indoor and out, providing structure and organization. Hedges can seamlessly craft smaller spaces within larger venues, helping to make the space feel more cozy and welcoming, rather than vast and lonely. Used to create beautiful pathways  or aisle accents for weddings and ceremonies, or to conceal caterers, artificial hedges are an incredibly versatile addition to any and all events. 

It can be difficult to make an outdoor, public venue private for your event, but with artificial hedges, it has never been easier. Hedges can be aligned to create natural, green privacy screening, creating exclusive areas within large spaces. While adding privacy, the hedges also seamlessly adapt to the environment and a variety of event themes. The possibilities are endless with artificial boxwood hedges. 

Artificial Hedges as Space Dividers

Artificial hedges can also help with crowd control at both larger and smaller events. Hedges can serve as barriers, keeping guests in and passersby out. Ensure your invite only event stays private with artificial boxwood hedges. Take a look at a few ways our clients have used our rental hedges in the past:

Hedge Walls

Rental Hedges

Hedge Backdrop

Wine Racks on Hedge

Elevate your next event with artificial boxwood hedges. Whether you use them to create backdrops, space, privacy, aisleways, or so much more, there is no wrong way to use artificial hedges at your event. Contact us today at 760.877.8735 or at  unrealdesignsinc @ gmail.com to reserve the highest quality rental Artificial Boxwood Hedges for your next event.