Deck the Halls with Boxwood: Elevate Your Holiday Decor with Hedge Rentals

Deck the Halls with Boxwood: Elevate Your Holiday Decor with Hedge Rentals

With the holidays come family time, food, good memories, and, of course, holiday parties. How can you elevate your holiday party above the rest? The addition of our artificial boxwood hedges or boxwood balls will instantly make yours the holiday party to remember. Incorporating artificial greenery into your festive settings is certainly a growing trend and it’s not too late to add boxwood hedges to your event this season. At Unreal Designs, we’re happy to be a part of your event through our rental hedges.  

The appeal of boxwood hedges is nearly endless, but at the top of the list is the instant touch of nature and festive greenery they add to each event. We welcome the addition of holiday décor to our hedges as well. Easily add holiday lights, holly, mistletoe, ornaments, etc. to the hedges to create your ideal backdrops and festive aisleways. Timeless, our boxwood hedges or boxwood balls seamlessly fit into both classic and modern themed events and aesthetics. 

Boxwood Hedge Rental

Expertly craft custom backdrops, create lively aisleways, add privacy, build exclusive spaces and so much more with our boxwood hedges. Whether your event is indoor or outdoor, boxwood hedges are sure to shine. Our artificial greenery adds instant life to an indoor atmosphere and enhances any outdoor venue. Hedges can easily be aligned to add exclusivity to a private event held within a public venue as well. Add on: our Champagne Racks are the perfect addition to our hedges for your New Years Eve Party when you and your guests are toasting to a Happy and Healthy 2024!

Champagne Racks

Backdrops for that perfect holiday card photograph used to be difficult to decide on. Now, with our boxwood hedges, it’s never been easier or more gorgeous. No holiday party is complete without a photo station and boxwood hedges are the perfect canvas to create the backdrop of the year. Lights, ornaments, signage and more can be added to bring your backdrop to life while personalizing it to your event’s theme. 

At Unreal Designs, we’re proud to offer our boxwood hedges for rent in two different sizes: 8’ tall x 4’ wide (perfect for adding privacy and crafting backdrops) and mini 3.5’ tall x 4’ wide (perfect for creating aisleways and entrances. In addition, our Sweetheart Swing lends itself to the perfect photo op. We also offer delivery, set up, and pick up, making the entire rental process as stress-free as it can be, letting you focus on your event and not forcing you to worry about any additional event décor.

Sweetheart Swing

Contact Unreal Designs today by giving us a call at 760.877.8735 or sending an email to unrealdesignsinc @ and we’d be happy to work with you to add boxwood hedges to your event this holiday season. It’s never too late to elevate your event with boxwood hedges. We wish you a Happy Holidays and events filled with fun, friends, family, and hedges!