Cheers: Wine & Champagne Racks

Cheers: Wine & Champagne Racks
We are excited to announce we are now offering wine & champagne racks as potential add-ons to our Rental Hedges. The racks hold 10 glasses each and can easily be added to/removed from our Artificial Boxwood Rental Hedges. We recommend four racks per hedge for optimal spacing and steadiness. Our Champagne Racks are made from stained wood and can hold both champagne and wine glasses. What can you do with these fun add-ons? 
Champagne and Wine Racks
Get the party started with our Champagne Racks: These elegantly stained racks are the perfect way to welcome guests to your event, wedding, or reception. Set the scene ahead by greeting guests with a glass of champagne and a seating assignment. Added directly to our Artificial Boxwood Rental Hedges, these racks only add to the wonderful ambiance created for your event. 

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Having a wine tasting event? Look no further than our racks to perfectly display your tastings. Easily divide and label the different tastings by hanging accompanying signage on our Artificial Boxwood Hedges. Guests can take a glass from one rack and replace it on another for dirty glasses before going back for more. 
Champagne Racks
One of the best parts about our champagne racks is that while they decorate the front of the hedges, the back remains open and available to create the perfect backdrop or serve as privacy/space dividers. Use the back of the hedges as a photo booth backdrop if desired or line them along an open space you’d like to divide for your event. 
These are just a few ways in which clients have used our Artificial Boxwood Rental Hedges and Wine/Champagne racks in the past. To discuss how Unreal Designs Inc. can help elevate your next event with our rental hedges and racks, call Juliann Johnson at (760) 877- 8735 today. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email at unrealdesignsinc @ and we would be happy to help with reserving and booking hedges for your event.