Beyond Aesthetics: Privacy and Sound Barriers with Boxwood Hedges

Beyond Aesthetics: Privacy and Sound Barriers with Boxwood Hedges

At Unreal Designs, we like to say you can find us at the intersection of beauty and function. With many of our products and installations we are often creating pieces that serve multiple purposes and, of course, look great doing it. Our artificial greenery allows us to seamlessly blend in when needed and stand out when desired. We’ve used artificial hedges in a variety of ways, including as privacy panels, hedge extensions, hedge walls, gates, and many more. At Unread Designs, we know something can not only look great, but also work great.

Custom Boxwood Hedges

Clients often turn to us in an effort to create privacy with artificial greenery and we’re always happy to help. In both residential and commercial settings boxwood hedges can be used as privacy screens. We can add wheels to freestanding hedges allowing for easy movement and the choice to move and place the hedges wherever desired. We can also create hedge walls for permanent installation as well. We were happy to work with our client to create a privacy hedge wall in their front yard. You can see below how we used the hedge to add privacy to the front yard while simultaneously keeping the space open and welcoming. 

Hedge Wall

Before Hedge Wall

Incredibly versatile, we can also use boxwood hedges to create privacy on balconies, patios, and decks. We can use freestanding hedges where needed, but we can also use our boxwood paneling to create privacy while not taking up too much space. Our paneling can attach directly to patio and balcony railings where possible, only requiring a few inches of depth and creating maximum privacy. Take a look at a few previous installations here as examples: 

Ficus Privacy Paneling

Hedge and panel extensions are also a popular request we’re happy to oblige. Hedge extensions sit directly atop an existing wall and are drilled down atop that wall for attachment. We can increase the existing wall height, and our clients privacy, up to 3’ with this aesthetically pleasing technique. Or, if a wall with depth is not present, we can also increase privacy and the height of our client’s fencing with panel extensions. In this case, we attach the panel to the existing fence and increase the height up to 4’ higher than before. Here are a few examples of each of these options as well: 

 Hedge Extension

Privacy Hedge Extension

Privacy Panel Extension

Multifunctional, boxwood hedges can also help reduce noise and create a quieter environment. The greenery itself on the front and back of a hedge and the fence screen backing on both sides can serve as somewhat of a noise barrier. With the added depth of a hedge, an empty interior cage allows for the option to add additional sound proofing material inside the hedge as well. 

Boxwood hedges are only one facet of what we can do with artificial greenery. With our paneling, we can also create privacy via gates and fencing. Our artificial greenery allows us to create pieces that will blend in with our client’s existing landscaping. Through this, we are able to create functional, hidden gates to hide eyesores, nosy neighbors, etc. Here are a few examples of integrating privacy paneling into existing landscaping for functional and aesthetic purposes: 

Boxwood Fence and Gate

Boxwood Gate

Paradise Gate

Privacy Gate

One of the many benefits of boxwood hedges are their low maintenance nature and suitability for not only privacy, but also noise reduction. Maintenance free, weather resistant, and UV rated, you can be sure a privacy barrier from Unreal Designs is built to last. Once installed, only minimal care is needed to keep your artificial greenery looking as great as the day it was installed. 

If you’re thinking a boxwood hedge, fence extension or hedge extension might work in your space to increase your privacy or reduce noise, please feel free to contact us today. We’re happy to explore all options and talk through what we can do to help increase your privacy. If you’re not sure, no problem, we’re here to help as best we can. Contact us today at unrealdesignsinc @ or give us a call at 760.877.8735 and we can get started.