Backyard Inspiration: Artificial Green Wall

Backyard Inspiration: Artificial Green Wall

Looking to take your backyard from drab to fab this summer? Look no further than adding an Artificial Green Wall. Why settle for your current boring, ordinary walls when you can instantly transform your space into a more lively, colorful setting? Make your space home to the summer’s best parties, gatherings, or even relaxing solo sessions for those days when you just need a break to chill.  Artificial Green Walls are the perfect addition to your boring backyard and here are just a few reasons why: 

The Transformation is Instant: 

Take a look at a few of our past installations to see just how much our Artificial Green Walls can change your current space. We’ve all been stuck with it before, those boring wooden, cement or plain stucco walls. Now, in an instant, an Artificial Green Wall can add instant flair and bring new life to your space like never before. 

Backyard Boxwood Paneling

Numerous Options Await: 

At Unreal Designs, we have over 15 different Artificial Greenery options to choose from. You can stick with a classic look and use our Dark Green Boxwood Paneling to create a clean, crisp finished look. Or, you can use our Flush Fuchsia or Violet Blossom Paneling for a bright pop of color. Our Bora Bora Flora and Bahama Mama Mat Paneling will instantly bring those island tropical vibes to your space. The possibilities are endless and the choice is yours when you choose to create an Artificial Green Wall with us. 

Ivy Variety Paneling

Artificial Green Walls are Maintenance Free:

 What is better than not having to worry about something? Our Artificial Greenery is maintenance free, UV Rated, and maintenance free. Once installed, you don't have to worry about upkeep, watering, trimming, etc. Our Artificial Green Walls are truly a set it and forget it work of art. From the summertime and throughout the year you’ll get to enjoy the color, vibrance, and immaculate vibes all year round. 

Dark Green Boxwood Paneling

Let’s Make it Happen: 

At Unreal Designs, we’re ready to help you create the backyard space of your dreams this summer. To discuss how we can help liven your space at your home or business with an Artificial Green Wall, call Juliann Johnson at (760) 877- 8735 today. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email at unrealdesignsinc @ and we would be happy to help.