Artificial Greenery: Where Beauty Meets Function

Artificial Greenery: Where Beauty Meets Function

At Unreal Designs, Inc., we know Artificial Greenery is so much more than just a pretty face. Don’t get me wrong, it is also incredibly beautiful. However, it can also be functional and used to create more than just a colorful wall. Here’s a few ways in which we’ve recently intersected beauty and function in our artificial greenery installations: 

Artificial Hedge Gate: 

Our client was looking to section off a part of her property for her dogs to be able to roam when she was home, but could also lock up when she wasn’t. We had already installed Dark Green Boxwood Paneling along the fence line to this area and what better way to continue the seamless look than with an Artificial Hedge Gate? 

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Anchoring to the existing concrete wall, we aligned our artificial hedges off the corner of the final boxwood panel. The first hedge held the swinging gate and a secured post for anchoring. We included spring loaded hinges on the gate so the gate would always close back up once opened. This way. our client wouldn’t ever have to worry about someone leaving the gate open and her dogs getting out. The remaining hedges held the lock and completed the hedge wall to meet the nearby pool structure. Take a look below at our installation: 

Privacy Hedge: 

For our client in Mission Beach, adding a hedge to her balcony was about much more than adding a little greenery. Instead, she desired to create privacy. A custom Artificial Boxwood Hedge allows clients to add a freestanding, beautiful hedge wall to their space that simultaneously blocks nosy neighbors and adds to the ambiance of their space. Take a look here at the before and after showing just how much privacy we were able to give our client: 



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Privacy Paneling: 

In Orange County, our client had a little privacy, just not quite enough for her family to peacefully enjoy their backyard. In this case, we were able to use privacy paneling with our Ficus Mat to extend the height of their existing backyard wall from a mere 5’ to 6.5’. After installation, our paneling covered the areas the real green trees weren’t fully growing in. In an instant, privacy had been retained through the beauty of artificial greenery. 



To discuss how we can help add beauty and function to your space with Artificial Greenery, call Juliann Johnson at (760) 877- 8735 today. Or, if you'd prefer, send us an email at unrealdesignsinc @ and we would be happy to get started with the endless possibilities that await when you choose Artificial Greenery.