6 Maintenance Tips To Protect Artificial Living Walls

6 Maintenance Tips To Protect Artificial Living Walls

Artificial is the latest trend to rock horticulture. Artificial living walls for residential or commercial spaces have become the newest horticulture trend.

Purchase High-Quality Artificial Living Walls

The most extraordinary step you can take to protect your artificial living wall is to purchase high-quality ones in the first place. Try to perform your research with care and buy exclusively from ethical manufacturers that seek to produce long-lasting, quality living walls that are authentic in appearance and non-toxic.

Prioritize UV Protection

The sun may inflict damage to artificial living walls. Hence, ensure they have UV protection are manufactured. You may buy a UV protection spray. You may then use it to enhance the UV protection for your artificial living wall over several months. We recommend using it following your cleaning of artificial living walls.

When placing artificial living walls outdoors, concentrate on choosing options that are labeled UV-protected. Ultra-violet rays refer to rays from the sun that may cause injury to your skin, and these are also needed to treat discolored fabrics or plastics. A UV-protectant spray may limit fading with outdoor artificial living walls by removing the sunscreen that prevents excess radiation from the UV rays on our skin. Most artificial living walls  are sold with the UV protection placed upon them.

Keep Your Artificial Living Walls Clean

Cleaning your artificial living walls once every few months may help clean out dust build-up that can hide the luster of the plants and render these dull. It is also a chance to check your artificial living wall for any signs of damage, like cracks or brittle leaf stalks.


It is necessary to ensure that your artificial living walls are not placed anywhere with constant direct sunlight or poor weather conditions like severe winds and intensive rain. While sunlight can cause solar destruction, the wind and rain may destroy the shape of your artificial living wall and even break them. Areas with less shade or protection from the weather remain optimal.

Move Things About

Artificial living walls are easy to shift, so be sure to move them about so they each take turns to weather more severe weather conditions. This also has the additional benefit of refreshing the garden or crafting a fresh look on each run, which is always a positive aspect.