6 FAQs About Artificial Boxwood Hedges

6 FAQs About Artificial Boxwood Hedges

Strolling through the lawns of lovely open gardens is bound to inspire you. The neatly groomed boxwood hedges will distinguish you from the rest of the world, putting you within a haven of peace and comfort.

How Are Boxwood Hedges Used In Landscape And Interior Design?

Boxwood hedges' pretty, moldable greenery gets placed in residential and commercial gardens or landscapes to create artistic designs, forge pathways, separate spaces, or provide privacy. Artificial hedges in planters remain a trendy choice, as these offer a contemporary design aspect that needs no water or sun rays; thus, these may be put in any space (shade or sun) or preserve their natural-looking colors with no risk of fading and wilting.

Restaurants employ these to craft an artificial hedge wall (or stop noise pollution) about their outdoor patios. Shopping malls, including indoor or outdoor, utilize these to take the greenery of the outdoors into the building or to craft private “nooks” for shoppers to sit in. In residential areas, artificial hedges get employed as privacy screens once neighbors get close by and as cutting-edge design aspects for swimming pools, rooftop lawns, or more joint spaces.  

What Are The Benefits Of Artificial Hedges?

In contrast to natural hedges, faux boxwood hedges do not need to be watered, put in the sun, trimmed, or maintained in the least. They deliver you all the benefits of the natural hedges. Also, these are 100% maintenance-free. This implies no high-cost landscape maintenance crew, no withering or dying greenery, or no fading. Artificial hedges are exceptionally durable as these are made from a commercial-grade iron core, UV-filled, fade-proof foliage, or the outdoor-grade, fully customizable planter. Dwelling on a busy street gets troublesome and disturbing owing to passers-by's heavy traffic or privacy problems. Following basic installation, you may obtain immediate privacy shelter or screen over a day.

How Long Do Artificial Hedges Last?

Many artificial boxwood hedges retain their vibrant green color or well-manicured shape for many years of use. The commercial-grade building or UV-protected greenery lasts longer than purchases from retailers, as these are made from a commercial environment and the rigors that proceed from within the mind. Even in full-day or heavy-traffic applications, these artificial hedges retain their shape, color, or texture for years, making them a favorite with landscape designers or contractors from anywhere.

How Do I Install Artificial Hedges?

Unreal Designs, Inc. can assist with the complete installation of artificial hedges within California. 

Where Can I Buy Artificial Hedges?

Unreal Designs hold an extensive range of customizable artificial boxwood hedges pre-installed in modern planters. To add to faux boxwood hedges, Unreal Designs offer English ivy hedges in the planter of your selection. Just choose the artificial hedge type and size, and customize your planter to match your design and application.

Boxwood Hedges Are a Popular Garden Favorite

Boxwood hedges have long always been a top garden choice. The ancient Egyptians planted boxwood in their garden, trimming them into hedge shapes to decorate. Over modern times, they have fitted in famous gardens worldwide, from the White House to Versailles. It remains a bit of wonder that artificial boxwood hedges persist thriving as a favorite with gardeners and landscape designers. But, not all hold the patience, time, or growth conditions to plant natural boxwood hedges, so faux hedges offer a similar aesthetic with no added pricing or maintenance.