4 Tips To Design An Artificial Living Wall In California

4 Tips To Design An Artificial Living Wall In California

Adding an artificial living wall to your Californian home or business is a brilliant way to add natural colors and textures without taking up too much space. Artificial living walls provide all the biophilic benefits of a real vertical garden without the burden of upkeep—this makes your living wall weatherproof, maintenance-free, pest-resistant, and even water-saving! Real foliage takes a long time to cultivate, but artificial living walls can instantly brighten up your space and are an excellent showpiece. Like any architectural centerpiece, there are several factors to consider when designing an artificial living wall. So here are four tips to help you with your project!

Choose a Suitable Size and Location

The first question is how much space you have for your artificial living wall and how large you want it to be. Do you wish to cover the entire wall from top to bottom or left to right? For instance, a typical sized panel from Unreal Designs, Inc. is a 40"x40" artificial living wall. You can add bespoke frames or shelving to form unique patterns if you don't want to cover the entire wall. Whether your frame is stained wood, aluminum, or others, make sure your whole custom artificial living wall matches your overall design theme. Secondly, note what additional features are nearby. The effect of bringing in the outdoors can be enhanced by a water fountain or large windows, but escalators or stairs might block the resulting wall. Ultimately, your living wall should reflect and complement its surroundings beautifully!

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Choose Your Mixture of Plants

Next, you'll need to decide on your ideal mixture of plant varieties for the living wall. Attach artificial foliage to separate wall panels so you can arrange the same plants from end to end or switch it up to add more aesthetic appeal. For a more consistent look, go with traditional mint leaves or wild ferns, and for a pop of vibrant color, go with a tropical flowery blend!

Ensure that you're familiar with each plant panel’s material composition. High-quality panels are produced with durable PVC and have additional capabilities such as being UV-rated, which means they will not crack or fade even when exposed to the sun regularly. The UV resistance of our artificial plant panels at Unreal Designs, Inc. is melded into the leaves, not just slathered onto the product after, which ensures the vibrant green-ness will last for many years!

Choose Between a Fluid Design or Geometric Pattern

After selecting your plant mix, it’s time to choose a fluid or geometric design for your wall. Fluid designs look like all the foliage is merged and climbing up your wall in wavy lines, just like an actual living wall. Geometric patterns, conversely, offer a contemporary, clean-cut aesthetic with crisp, straight lines dividing the greenery.

Check the Conditions for Installation

Finally, while designing your artificial living wall, think about the structural prerequisites for your setup. Given it doesn't hold soil or water, an artificial living wall is much lighter than a real one but be sure to verify how the wall panels will be connected and what structural support is required. For instance, the artificial living walls at Unreal Designs, Inc. are built on a sturdy, powder-coated steel grid for easy attaching!