3 Ways Artificial Hedges Make Your Events Memorable

3 Ways Artificial Hedges Make Your Events Memorable

Artificial hedges have become increasingly popular due to their versatility at events and exhibitions.  Due to the adaptability and natural look of artificial hedges, they are the perfect accessory for events like trade shows, product launches, corporate retreats, baby showers, weddings, sports matches, music festival mazes, and concerts. If you are looking to spruce up your events or exhibitions with some greenery, here are three great ways artificial hedges can make your events unforgettable!

Artificial Hedges Make Your Booth More Warm and Welcoming

The natural, vibrant colors of artificial hedges can be used to cover the dullness of concrete and metal walls, dividers, or railings at your event booth. Colors have a tremendous subconscious effect on people. Green is associated with nature, growth, health, wealth, and stability. It is a soothing, pleasing-to-the-eye color that can help lift one’s spirits, and boost their willingness to spend more time and money at your booth!

You can even enhance your artificial hedges by adding a brand logo and/or a bright neon, flashing welcome sign. Dainty fairy lights and white flowers can also bring life to your backdrop.

Artificial Hedges Get You Noticed Online

There are numerous ways for event organizers to make their exhibitions memorable beyond the physical space. Even the little details matter to get you noticed online, and a visually stunning artificial hedge is one of them. People adore sleek, chic, and picturesque artificial hedges that serve as a photo booth space for them to capture unforgettable moments.

Fun, eye-catching, and realistic wall panels like Dark Green Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mats are frequently used to transform dreary event spaces as they hang wild and free, are vibrant, add unique charm and bring your booth to life! Each wild fern mat can even be conveniently clipped together via connectors to suit your specific exhibition booth dimensions. The wilder and quirkier your artificial hedge is, the more distinctive it will be and the more people will talk about it online! Artificial hedges that are aesthetically impressive will encourage people to share your booth and brand name on social media, which is an excellent free marketing tool! 

Artificial Hedges Help with Brand Recognition at Future Events

Now that you’ve already let your creativity soar and spent the time and effort designing your gorgeous, customized artificial hedge, why not reuse it at every single industry trade show so it becomes an easily recognizable part of your brand character? There’s so much value in potential customers being able to quickly identify your business at every event! An Artificial Boxwood Hedge Mat (Dark Green) can be your statement piece at every event to elevate your display, which makes it very cost-effective for your business as well. The even greater news? There’s a hiring service at Unreal Designs, Inc. where you can rent artificial hedges that are delivered and installed for you only during your event dates, which is even more budget-friendly!