Featured Product of the Month

Product of the Month

Welcome to our Featured Product of the Month! Each month, we choose one of our favorite products to highlight and show off. Celebrate with us and our feature is your gain: The chosen product of the month is not only highlighted, but we also give a 10% off code for that product all month long. Check out this month's feature below:  

This month we are featuring our Boxwood Balls. Yes, that's right, we're showing off our balls just in time for summer. Our boxwood balls measure 15” in diameter. They come already snapped together and ready to go, but if you’d like to separate the two halves, you can easily un-snap the male/female connectors. Whole or halved, you can’t go wrong with these ample balls. Let us know what you think!
Once you’ve watched and seen this product put to work, pick a ball up for yourself by clicking here. All month long, use code “Balls10” for 10% of your purchase of our Boxwood Balls.


Take a look below at how our Boxwood Balls have been used in the past. These mats instantly add life and color to any space. 


hanging balls


Our boxwood balls are covered with our dark green artificial boxwood. Looking vibrant and life-like, these balls are, of course, UV Rated, weather resistant, and maintenance free. Indoor, outdoor, in a vase, airborne, or on the ground, these balls are meant to thrive for the long term. There’s truly no wrong place to add a boxwood ball. 

When you're ready to pick up a boxwood ball or two for your home or office, you can find them here: https://unrealdesignsinc.com/products/15-boxwood-ball